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I bet you’ve needed a break out of a blackjack dealer on a hot streak a time or two, correct? We have all been there; we think to ourselves, “It is time to change it up and find a new table game” It’s been hours, and lots of rotations of traders have coincidently been really good at pulling 21 after 21.

What if I told you there’s this entertaining game where you get to play with the dealer and not against them?

Winning is amazing, but when looking for a game to play with I want my money to last a while. Win or lose, I only want to have fun, and I bet you do too!

Let It Ride Poker Game Basics
Ultimately the goal of the game is to finish with a winning hand and find a heap of chips! This game started in the late nineties, and it may nevertheless be found at the carnival games pit of most major land casinos and online.

The game is simple to learn, and after a couple of rounds, you will hopefully have in your cup holder an ice-cold beverage from the pretty cocktail machine, and a couple of added chips piled up in front of you.

Side Bets
Negative BetsMost casinos will offer players a side bet or two. Specific rules of every side wager featured will be contingent upon the casino you’re at, so be certain you check out your desk and ask the trader for advice if needed.

The most common is another bet (usually $1) that players put on the results of the 5-card hand. A progressive jackpot is often tied to this side bet. Rewards are given out to the top palms, and these stakes are made in precisely the exact same time you put your other three table stakes.

The next bonus bet you will probably find at the Let It Ride table is a 3-card bonus wager. With this side bonus wager, you get rewarded for creating a 3-card poker hands on your initial dealt cards. This wager will cover any pair, flush, straight, 3-of-a-kind, straight flush, or miniature royal (Q-K-A of the exact same suit).

Play with the Dealer
There are some ways you can look after a great trader, and you can even play for them using a tip if you prefer.

Traditionally, when you win a big hand or hit that jackpot, you tip out the trader. The gratuity amount is entirely up to you, and frankly, I tip all sorts of different ways.

Standard practice is a couple of bucks here and there if you’re on a winning streak. I prefer a combo of enjoying a few for the dealer on my first bets or a side wager. The trader “being in the game” adds additional entertainment value!

The Changing of the Cards
Cards are managed by gamers in Let It Ride; they’ll be changed out every two or three hours. It follows that the pit boss or floor person responsible for the game will prepare the trader with brand new cards a few times each day.

Reminisce after about your Vegas adventures, usually available for under $1!

Some may say that a new deck is an ideal chance to hit a winning hand because the cards are new and they were only in chronological order. It’s not true since the traders scatter the deck throughout the desk, hand shuffle, and then place those new cards to the auto shuffler that does an excellent job of mixing.

This isn’t to say that magical matching of the cards does not happen with new cards since it can! Odds-wise however, each hand independently has the same likelihood of winning. New cards, sexy cards, or older cards make a difference.

Playing Let It Ride Online
It is no big secret that the more you play a game, the better you will get. The same logic also applies to Let It Ride, and also you can play online before hitting the land-based casino.

It’s been a terrific journey with you through the basic rules and strategies of Let It Ride poker, and I hope you learned some amazing tips along the way. It was a pleasure being your guide, and I wish you luck in all your future Let It Ride poker game experiences!

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